Tang Chi Town No.15 ChunLei Road,Zhenxing District, Dandong City, Liaoning Province 
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 Dandong Xingguang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Dandong, the biggest border city of our country, which lies at the foot of the Jinjang Hill and beside the Yalu River, having beautiful landscape and pleasant climate. The company is at the central area of the city, having convenient communications: 1000m away from the railway station in the east, 15km away from the Dandong Airport in the south, 5000m away from the entrance of the Dan- Shen Express Highway in the north, 9000m away from the Dan- Da Express Highway in the west, 30km away from the Dongang Port having direct sea route to South Korea and Japan. The company was established in 1997, it has the registered capital of 5180000 Yuan.
 The company’s legal person: Wang Yongquan, graduate of the Automation Department of Anshan Iron and Steel College, senior engineer, was a vice-chairman of the board of directors of the relay industry of our country, he himself has the rich experience of the relay design. Since the company was established, the 50 series, 125 series and many other products researched and developed under his direction have been awarded the honor title of the superior products of the Province, Ministry. The XGX-1 (KSYA) Type of Magnetic Starting Relay was researched and developed in 2004, 4 key techniques of which have got the country patent, and in the same year passed the judgement of Scientific and technological achievements of Liaoning Provice, the judgement clearly indicated “This technique has made the relay industry of our country mount a new step on the original base, it is also an important revolution in the technique of the common relay industry in our country”. In 2005 this product won the second-class prize of Scientific and Technical Progress of Dandong City.
 The major products of the company have 10 series, nearly hundred assortments, which have been applied in the large fields of automobiles, motorcycles, household electric appliances etc., in which 125 series, 50 series have been recognized by Honda company for a long time, and have been designated as complete set of products of long term by wuyang Honda, New continet Honda , Hainan New Continent, Tianjin Honda, especially recently they are also appointed as the complete set of products of long term by Taiwan Qingfeng Group, Xiamen Xiaxing Group, the product quality has von the trust and support of vast numbers of the customers.

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